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The Marketing Department is made up of a group of resourceful, creative and experienced marketers, each with their individual areas of related expertise.  We understand that marketing is about driving profitable growth and that every “gain” beyond that is icing on the cake.  Everything we do focuses on cultivating customers, supporting sales and getting results.

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While our team is focused on building lasting client relationships, we also know that reaching business goals is way more important than winning popularity contests with our clients.  You’re paying for our candid advice…and we know that if we don’t give it to you, then you won’t get the results you need and there won’t be any “lasting relationship” to enjoy.


The Marketing Department is an award winning advertising firm with offices in Houston, Miami, San Francisco and Chicago. We’ve been at this for over 20 years and our team is made up of highly experienced senior-level managers who work in-house with a hand-selected group of free-lance technicians, designers, copy writers, programmers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, art directors and printers.  With this business structure you’ll get only the best from our seasoned ad pros, while avoiding many of the costs associated with hiring a firm with a big overblown in-house staff.


Business Package

Includes New Look & Feel, Logo, Business Card & Letterhead
  • If you’ve gotten mediocre results from previous advertising efforts it’s most likely because you don’t have a memorable brand.  Let us create a great looking, attention getting “look and feel” as a foundation for all your future advertising efforts.  We guarantee you’ll get better results when you start with this top notch foundation.  This package includes: +Custom Logo Design +Business Card Layout (2 sided) +1000 Printed Business Cards (2 sided/UV finish) +Digital letterhead design
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Digital Ad Package

Includes Website, Favicon, Facebook Page, Twitter or Linked-in page
  • It’s safe to say that a business can’t compete without a great website that tells your customers what you do and makes it easy for them to buy from you.  This well thought out digital marketing package includes: +WordPress Website – that will coordinate with your new ad campaign and present your company in the best possible light. +Favicon – the mini logo/avatar that is used in browser tabs, in search engine listings and on social media sites lets you carry your brand into even the smallest spaces. +FaceBook Page – a custom designed FaceBook page that coordinates with your new look & feel and helps clients to recognize and remember your brand. +A Linked-in or Twitter Page – customer designed page lets your customers find you in either of these important social media sites and coordinates with your new brand.
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All our prices include expert level advertising consulting services so next time you need a new campaign, a business package, a brochure, a website, a social media program, web marketing or just about any other advertising item, give us a ring to request a quote at 832-732-5063 or email us here.

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Wondering why we have turn of the century posters here?  Well, first of all they are the advertisements of that time period.  If you wanted to advertise your smoking papers, for example, you’d hire Mucha or Lautrec to create a piece of art for you and then reproduce that through a process known as “lithography.”  These incredibly beautiful posters are not only eye catching and informative but they are also near and dear to my heart because my parents had a collection of these posters when I was a young girl.  Perhaps that was how I was first introduced to advertising as a young child and I am still thrilled by it all these years later.    Emily, Principal at TMD