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Brochures, Flyers & Other Collateral Materials

Brochures/Collateral and other printed materials– Brochures aka “printed collateral materials” are one of the most important pieces you will ever have done for your company. Not only will it represent your company and your brand, but it will be the thing that sets the tone for the type of company you are. It will help you to communicate what you do – what products and/or services you have and will include all the things we discover during our branding meetings. It can also communicate what kind of company you are and make it more likely that your clients will remember you and buy from you when they are ready to buy.


In regards to the size of your brochure, it’s sometimes hard to decide the correct size of any sales piece before the text is written.  In fact, I wrote an article on that very subject called “Write the text, and the rest will follow.   What I’d suggest is that we write the text first and then it will be easier for us to recommend a brochure size for you.

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