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About Us

The Marketing Department is a different kind of advertising company.

We integrate traditional marketing tactics with interactive, social, SEO, PR and web marketing so that your company stands out and gets the attention it needs to gain market share.

It doesn’t matter if you have a great looking ad or if your campaign does everything it needs to do, if your clients don’t think of you when it’s time to buy your product.  The key to marketing success is to develop intelligent, memorable, visually attractive, acutely well targeted and consistent advertising materials that your clients will remember  WHEN IT’S TIME FOR THEM TO MAKE A BUYING DECISION.

We believe strongly that you’ll get better results if you pick a target market, look at your competition and make sure your ad materials & messages don’t sound like them, if you consider your significant margin of different and develop an “elevator speech” so you’re ready to talk about your clients at the drop of a hat – plus many more marketing strategy ideas that we will help you to figure out so your marketing will be a 1000 times more effective!

Some of the many types of tactics that we’ve employed in accomplishing our client objectives include:

  • Web site design & development (re-design)
  • Complete Web Marketing Coordination
  • Creative and design
  • Traditional Advertising (print/branding/strategy)
  • Microsites & customized landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Brand Building
  • Promotions
  • Event Marketing
  • Videos & Photography
  • PR & PR Campaigns/Plans
  • Press and Video News Releases
  • Partnerships & Sponsorships
  • Print brokerage Services
  • Web Analytics
  • Internal Communications Programs
  • Event planning and management
  • Trade show planning & Implementation
  • Business & Marketing Plans
  • Training Programs
  • Technical writing
  • Web/Social Content
  • Product Packaging Design & Development
  • Point of Sale Materials
  • Online Media- SEO/SEM/PPC
  • Mobile Campaigns
  • Viral Marketing
  • Plus many other things too numerous to list.

Our in-depth experience with these marketing tactics means we can provide you with the things you’ll need to market your business and support your sales staff.  We’re an Addy award winning outsourced ad services company that delivers better results plus the highest ROI.  Let’s get together to see if we’re a fit; contact us today at 832-732-5063 for a complimentary branding consultation or email me here.

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