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This is an assortment of products we created for a company in Northern California – including a brochure with a custom diecut design, a pocket folder and a business card.  We believe that it’s important to show consistence across all your advertising pieces (including your website) so that each piece makes it easier for people to recognize you and remember you. 


This is the website that goes with the other materials we designed & created for this corporate wellness business in San Francisco, CA.  

Team Legal

This is the “Team Legal” logo we designed and laid out for them. 

Team Legal

This image shows a few products we did when we rebranded a legal services company. We looked at the competition and realized that everyone in that industry used “Lady Justic” and the “Scales of Justice” which we liked but it didn’t help to make their company stand out.  These items – a pocket folder, letterhead, envelope and business card contribute to this company’s look & feel and together they create memorbility so that when a customer is ready to make a buying decision they can remember this company’s name. 

Windsor Building Supplies

This image shows a similar grouping of ad products for a different company – Windsor Building Services is a large janitorial serviceis company that wanted to reach for higher end companies and needed a more sophistocated look & feel.  

BearClaw CBD

The Marketing Department is proud of the variety of work we have done because it shows that we do fully customize work for each of our clients.  This company is located in Colorado and targets mountain climbers and other outdoors enthusiasts interested in CBD and other Wellness products.   

DrTen20 MedSpa

The first image shows a website we created for a MedSpa in Orange County California. The company had an old style website that looked awful in the mobile format and we believed this photo really represented the customer’s target market (and was special).  We also developed the name and created a new logo for this company as well as handle their ongoing social media program.

DrTen20 MedSpa

This is one of hundreds of Social Media Digital Ads we created for this doctor with a MedSpa in Orange County California. The bottom image shows one side of his business card layout for the DrTen20 MedSpa.

Palma Sola Wellness

This website was created for a Wellness Spa in Florida.  The client loved purple and butterflies and wanted a design that was tranquil and beautiful.  We also created Social Media posts, blog posts and this new “butterfly” logo for this company as well.  

Beyond Stem

This is a new branding we did for this Stem Cell Company in California.  We did a number of pieces including this businss card, a pocket folder, a presentation and website.  

Your Business Solutions

This is another book we “ghost wrote” for an IT business in Conroe, TX. We also designed and laid out the book cover and content and managed the printing of the book. 

Your Business Solutions

This image shows a new business card layout for “Your Business Supplies in Houston Texas.

Aesthetics Office MedSpa

Once we got one client in the MedSpa industry word of mouth really travelled and we ended up doing many websites for others in the MedSpa industry in California, Florida and Texas.

Aesthetics Office MedSpa

This is the logo we created for the Aesthetics Office MedSpa.

Stuart Pressure Control

This is a layout for an Oil and Gas business in Houston, Texas showing business cards in the above image and their Facebook page in the bottom image, designed to coordinate with their new branding. 

Stuart Pressure Control

This is a New Logo for an Oil & Gas business in Houston, TX in the above image and a Website in the bottom two images with the first website image showing a custom animation we had created for the company which is visible in the “Hero Image” slot.

Stuart Pressure Control

This is an animation that we had created for the website for Stuart Pressure Control. A “still” of the animation was used in many of their pieces to create cohesiveness throughout all their marketing pieces. 

Dynapure CBD 

This is a two sided, four color printed “CBD Dosing Guide” that the client gave out to their potential customers in an effort to make the purchasing process easier.  

Matta Records

This is a retro styled logo we created for a Record Company in Miami FL.  

Matta Records

We designed this T-shirt for a record company in Miami Florida and sourced the T-shirt as well. 

We have great connections to get low priced/high quality “Ad specialties” (such as Trade Show Bags, T-shirts, Sweat Shirts, Hats, Pocket Folders, Pens and a huge variety of other types of items and we can do the same for you. 

Dynapure CBD

We have designed and laid out a number of labels for our CBD customers; this type of work requires a special type of technical graphic artist that can layout the labels in the corrrect resolution and with the required specs that vary from printer to printer (and vary depending on if the job is being printed “CMYK” or “Digital”).  

Dynapure CBD

This is is a website for a CBD company in Phoenix, Arizona with a video in the “Hero Image” slot. The site has an ecommerce platform using Authorize.net as their merchant account. 

Dynapure CBD

We wrote, laid out and printed a CBD diary that the client could give to his customers to keep track of how much CBD they took and how it made them feel.  This is the cover of the diary and the next item is an oexample of the inside pages.  

Dynapure CBD

This is an example of just one of the page “spreads” in the inside of the CBD Diary. 

GoComm Wireless

We created this 30′ x 30′ tradeshow booth and recreated a 1950’ss diner where the company leaders could sit privately with potential clients and other clients could sit around the counter and be served coffee while they wait.  We had brochure that looked like old fashioned diner tickets.  The first time we used this booth was in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show and I was offered the opportunity to teach a class at the University of Las Vegas as a result of it.  

Grip/Elias Amash

We’ve written several books as ghost writers and designed the covers as well as managed the printing of the books.  This is just one of many.  

The Catholic Church

This is kind of a funny story – I stumbled on a website that was not too good and for some reason I just coudln’t live in the world knowing that this division of the Catholic Church had such a debatable website so I called and ended up speaking with an ArchBishop and offered to do a newn site for him for free and this is that site.  

Stuart Pressure Control

This is the front side of a two sided brochure for Stuart Pressure Control.

Bon Melange

This is a little site we created for a company that manufactured Decorative Accessories in Houston Texas.  They were a big supplier for Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue among other retailers.  


This is another website we designed and programmed for a company in Southern California.  

The Lyric Business Center

We created this website for a building in Houston, Texas. 

Knead of Time

We created this website for a Massuse in The Woodlands, Texas.  

Stradivarius Marketing

We created this website and logo for a company in Houston, Texas.

Snafu Wireless

A website and logo created for an innovative new company in Las Vegas.

NFL Alumni Assocation

This logo was designed for the NFL Alumni Assocation’s events during the 2024 SuperBowl.  

NFL Alumni Assocation

The is a presentation for the NFL Alumni Assocation “Legends Fanfest” event.  

UnYr (pronounced “Unwired”)

This is a website & logo created for a wireless business in Las Vegas, NV.  

Global Med Technologies

The is a website created for a medical equipment manufacturer in Miami, FL. 

Padilla Cosmetic Medicine

This is a website we did for a Plastic Surgeon in Southern California. 

The Holistic Districit CBD

This is a website created for a CBD company in Washington DC.  The 2nd image is a “pop up” ad on the same website advertising a BOGO special.  This requires special programming on a site to have both the “pop up” feature and the “BOGO” feature that coordinates with the Woo Commerce merchant processing system (that displays the products and cart). 

Springfield Royal Diner

We created this website for a diner in Rhode Island that matched their 1950’s decor and style.  

The Manayunk Gourmet Deli

We created this website for a Restaurant in Manayunk, NJ which featured an ordering system/menu and an animated sandwich which was created as you loaded the site.  

Rox Construction

We created this website for a General Contractor in Roxborough, NJ.  

The Woodlands Pavillion

This site was created for a concert venue in The Woodlands, TX which allowed for ticket purchases and event marketing.  

Independent Hydraulics

A website desgined and programmed for a company that supplied the oil and gas industry in Houston, TX. 

The Brand X Agency

We designed and programmed this website and logo for a marketing firm in Houston, TX.  

Dawson Van Orden

This is a brochure we created for an archetect/engineering company in Texas.  

Dawson Van Orden

This is an “inside spread” of a brochure we created for an archetect/engineering company in Texas.

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