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This is a post that I made a while back that didn’t make it onto this blog.  It follows a slightly different stream of consciousness (than my more recent posts)….but I think you’ll still find it interesting. 

Nothing’s hotter than Digital Media and Social Web Marketing, no one would argue that point.  But does the incredible growth of digital media spell the demise of print advertising?   

There is no doubt there’s a credibility gap between print & digital media for one reason: consumers know that almost anyone can create a professional looking web presence without a particularly huge investment. How many times have you wondered what kind of company is really behind a fabulous website?

However, whenever you hand your customer a printed brochure or ad, they can immediately recognize when that printed piece has been well designed and professionally offset printed (or digitally printed as my colleague so kindly pointed out the other day). When that happens, the clients senses that the company “must be legit” and must have the corresponding budget to have been able to produce that item. As a result, printed materials exude credibility in ways that digital media does not.  Whenever I distribute marketing materials digitally (for my company or for a client) I still often feel like I should send a printed brochure out in order to “reinforce” our legitimacy in the minds of consumers.

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