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Losing Customers?

Web browsers and screen sizes are changing rapidly.  Customers are no longer just using their PC’s and Laptops to surf the web.  In the last few years the number of users with atypical web access methods has skyrocketed.  These access methods include iPhones, Androids & other smart phones, iPads, Notebooks, Palm computers, Wireless TV’s and a multitude of other access methods that are getting really SMALL and really BIG at the same time.

Additionally the browsers that people are using to access the Internet are changing rapidly at the same time.  Internet Explorer, the browser that had the lion’s share of the market at this time last year, is no longer number 1, being replaced by Google Chrome. All the sites that were designed as recently as last year to work with Internet Explorer are now often not working properly.  It only takes one non-working link or site function to make a visitor drop off the website.  And as customers drop off of non-working websites, businesses are losing customers.

Functionality isn’t working, text blocks are often overlapping other text areas, links don’t work anymore and on and on.  On one website, the client’s site was just a white screen with a butterfly in the middle of the screen.  Essentially there was nothing there….just because it utilized a system that wasn’t compatible with the newer bowers.

I’m sure you’d agree…your web site should work no matter how it’s being viewed or what browser is being used (like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer).  The GREAT news is that we’re doing a new kind of website at The Marketing Department called a WordPress site.  We’re only using “RESPONSIVE” designs that resize to fit the viewer’s screen no matter how big or small it is and a WordPress site lets you edit your own text so you don’t have to call call a programmer every time you want to change a word here or there.

The likeliness is that your site isn’t working in all these environments…..call us today to get a free quote to make your site work in the new mobile environment and in all the newest browsers.

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