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Test page

Shubham - Please Read!

OK FIRST This is what I am seeing on EVERY page I try to open from within the plugin

(but please keep in mind that I have already downloaded and be able to use the themes/modules from this plugin so for some reason it is now not recognizing me as a person that PURCHASE the Plugin!)

This is my receipt from Divi showing that I purchased the Plugin on October 2023 so I should have access to it for another 11 months!

Please remember that I was able to see the templates before and now for some reason I can’t download them – all it shows me is that damned “Buy now” button.  (I have already cleared my cache as I was directed to do so by Divi’s Help Desk – please don’t tell me to do THAT again).

Please can you help me?  I needed this a week ago!!!! Thank you so much!  Emily at emilyandros@gmail.com or 832-732-5063.

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